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Underside Stripping....Next Phase



After a couple of weekends off, I rotated the rotisserie so that I could gain easy access to the driver side front and rear wheel wells.  Again, the tar was really thick, but after about 5 hours, I was able to clean them up pretty good.  I got a good look at some rust in the front tire well, and some bent metal at the rear.   I wonder what the previous owner hit?  


The next phase is a "gentle" medium blast and I should be good to clean and prime.  I'll want to put some  undercoating on, and will,be doing a bit of research to see what might work best.  In the, meantime, I have everything I need to rebuild the front and rear sub-frame so my goal of getting a rolling chassis by November is a real possibility. 




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If you have access to an air compressor, another tool to use on undercoating removal is the air powered, multi-finger tool.  It would clean what the angle grinder misses or even be a substitute in some areas. 

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Jackson2002tii - what exactly is a 'multi-finger' tool?  I'm getting ready to tackle the same job on my 72'


Z3M - I have to get under the car for the same reason as you - and I was teetering on putting it on a rotisserie... would you be able to post some pics of your rotisserie?  I'm curious to see how you secure the bottom.  Also, did you brace the inside with some sort of steel tubing??



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Just saw this....apologies for the delay.   No bracing on the inside as it's very stable and i only keep it on it's side while working.  When I'm done, it goes back to the jack stands.   As you can see in the pictures, the car rests on the flat edge of the plywood....I think we got 3/8 inch and used 4x6 wood beams with lag bolts to ensure it was totally stable and strong enough to hold the weight.roto.1.jpgroto2.jpg

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I did brace the interior of the body even for jaxck stand work.  I replaced both rocker panels and wanted the body braced to maintain the shape of the door openings, etc.

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