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Waiting for the engine block to be finished is killing me! Everyday I am home and walk past the car it feels like my goal of getting her on back on the road is getting away from me. So I decided to break into some of the stuff that I can do ...


Namely the heater core. With the interior already apart and the help of all you fine folks here at FAQ the heater core found its way onto the floor of the car and then into shop for a tear down and inspection. The whole thing went very smoothly and I was glad this was done as the material attached to the flaps was ready to fall apart, it actually disappeared when I cleaned everything up with soap and water, and the blower motor ran but the bushings were worn out and it didn't move a lot of air.


With the postal strike hanging over our heads here, I am going to have to ship to my American address and get this thing ready for when the engine does finally finish up






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