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The Ebay Ad



Here's the original ad text:

 *Relisting* I am the third owner of this beauty. Bought her in 2013 but I had a motorcycle accident last year that left me handicapped and was not able to even start the car for some time. (She turns over, just fine and probably needs some cleaning of the carb) Now I can't even drive her or work on her sadly, so this is the reason for the sale. She was a daily driver, a runner, a friend. Never left me stranded nor did she lack the power, comfort, or reliability for 30+ mile round trips. I bought her from a man who would drive her to the Florida Keys (from Miami) to go fishing for fun. Problem with that was that the trunk eventually rusted out due to him leaving wet gear in the trunk (or so was told to me) he replaced the trunk with a diamond plate. Still has the jack and some tools though. Odometer stopped working, replaced oil religiously every 6 months. I replaced the tail lights with newer ones. The yellow fog lights are for show, though I'm sure you can wire them up. I put an ooga horn, but never got around to wiring it up. Had the front seats done up prior to my accident as I was planning on continuing to daily her and wanted to be comfortable in bolstered seats. The black trim that is missing from the bumper is included and intact, just needs to be fastened. She had a respray years ago according to previous owner. She has rust as is typical for a car this age, but is a looker still. (no rust on or near strut towers and none that you can see from 10 feet away) but there is rust on the body. This is a perfect car for someone looking to get into a good example of a 2002 in need of some restoration. Note: My intention was to rebuild engine and transmission to have a 2002 for life, but in my current situation I cannot do this with this car. My intent is that it goes to a good home, to someone who will appreciate it as much as I did when I first laid eyes on her. 

Ansi Exhaust , Weber Carb, Sport Suspension, Cd player ( missing speaker someone ripped it out) 

I will also be including a newer license plate holder with the lights intact. 

Vehicle is ensured for over $11K with reputable collectors insurance.

I had a newer gas tank added last year. I will include some spare parts that I've accumulated over the years. Newer door windows included, newer fuse box, spare wiper washer motor


And Pics

















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