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slowly working forward



Since the past entry I have slowly been replacing parts as needed. I all four new floors from wallonthnesch shipped to me in three days for 260 which I found amazing.

As of now all but one of the new floor panels has been replaced.


They all fit very tightly and look exactly like the original; At least I think they do considering I couldn't even see the pattern of the drainage passages in the back. I also took out the petal box to fix the rust hole that it had and replace the bushings. The passenger floor was entirely replaced some time around 1990 and was just a bolted and welded on piece of galvanized metal that was a pain to get off. There was a continuous weld on the bottom to the subframe and some weird layer upon layer to raise the floor or something.


The only other major rust problem now is the rust that is on the nose of the car; but considering that the car can still be driven with that rust and there is no rust anywhere else, the repairing will have to wait till the car is painted. 

            The engine also finally went in and it looks much better than the oil splattered engine that was there before.IMG_0762.JPG

The turbo is on the car and unlike most turbo builds that I have seen, the turbo on this motor is below the exhaust manifold which ended up being a tight squeeze trying avoid hitting the heat shield and subframe.

The overdrive 5-speed I sourced went in with the engine and now all the "extra" bits are being put together including turbo piping, oil lines, megasquirt wiring, coolant lines, shortening the driveshaft and installing the lsd differential. 

              Looking into the wiring of the car has been interesting. One or both of the previous of the 2 previous owners of the car did some modifications to the electrical system that is very complicated and not the best quality work, but obviously took a long time to put together. There is only some wires added to the engine bay that go to the square hella fog lights, and some other wires that splice into random places on the wiring harness and do something, I have no idea what. Inside the car I have found tons of buttons, plugs and switches with wiring under the dashboard covered with rubber tubing that makes me think that the first owner of this car may have been James Bond. I will not be getting rid of any of the switches, but will be finding new purposes for them as they do not look super ridiculous and are kind of interesting.

         Here is all the switches on the top of the center consoles with the lights,


          and here is the wiring under the center console and yes, that is windshield washer tubing covering electrical connections



         Then there is this plug under the steering wheel which I do not believe is original considering it has crimped on connections on the back


     Then there is the other random wires under the steering wheel which attach to random connections that have been made.

 These particular wires go to the frontfoglamp button which looks like the letters have been changed? Notice the "A" and "M" are slightly filled in


    Also if you look you will notice the little red light with a identical one on the other side of the gauge cluster that attaches to the switches, I believe..

I also found a switch while following the wiring that was hidden in the glove box.


 Oh, and there is one wire that goes to the back of the car and down out by the exhaust for some reason; Possibly a tow hitch?


And then the final wires seem to be for speakers or something but are super long and go from the dashboard to under the back seat and attach to nothing, that is how the wires where found


 Unfortunately it does not seem as if there is any missile launchers or ejectors seats in the car but hopefully I can sort through the wiring and start getting the engine management hooked up to see if I can finally start the engine having acquired it come years ago, rebuilding it for some time, and then searching for the right 2002 to put it in. The progress will continue with most all of the work hopefully done before summer is over.


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