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Making Progress...

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As the reassembly continues at Bavarian Rennsport, I got a call from Bill that the driver's side window regulator was toast and this was holding up replacing the door cards.  Luckily, CoupeKing had exactly what I needed in his E-Bay store, and $100 later, I received a nice used one in the mail.  I drove up to Ramona today to drop it off and check on the progress.


To my surprise, things are moving along nicely.  All of my nice new trim is on, gaskets installed, bumpers re-installed and tucked, seats (old) are in and things are looking nice.  We still need to install the rocker trim and find a source for the back-ordered gutter trim, but we are getting close to having me take it home for the final-final assembly (Recarro seats, 320iS Steering Wheel, Carpet Kit, Wheels and Tires, Etc.).  I was wondering why the steering wheel was off and apparently they were troubleshooting the left taillight not blinking.  I'm and betting on a bad flasher relay, but hopefully it won't be something expensive.  I took some pictures of the progress to share...








2016-06-15 11.53.37.jpg

2016-06-15 11.53.48.jpg

2016-06-15 11.54.02.jpg

2016-06-15 11.56.27.jpg

2016-06-15 11.55.52-2.jpg

2016-06-15 11.56.48.jpg

2016-06-15 11.57.17.jpg

2016-06-15 11.54.18.jpg

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