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Engine drop and prep



The last few garage days, well actually ALL the garage days, have been leading up to the inevitable engine drop. While I hemmed and hawed and tried to negotiate my way out of dropping versus pulling, smarter guys than me prevailed and I resigned myself to the task.


After cutting the exhaust and getting that out of the way, I tackled the drive shaft front and rear. As with other pieces and parts on the car, I put some yellow paint marks on both ends so that I can realign the part later. I've been doing this perhaps unnecessarily, but what the hell, can't hurt. Plus, the wifey had a small bottle of acrylic that's easily removable. Fro the most part, the shaft came down without issues. I supported it with some lumber so it wouldn't conk me in the head, and marked the pre-loaded position of the support bracket as well as the transmission. Guibo and support bearing look ok, but I'm thinking might as well, might as well....later anyway.


I turned my attention to the clutch slave cylinder. Man, those nuts were tough to get to, but I finally got 'em. I was avoiding attacking the steering shaft coupler, as I gave it a half hearted try on Friday afternoon, to no avail. Sunday was D-Day. I'm going in. 


Raj on this site gave me some pointers, but after loosening the pinch bolts that coupler wouldn't budge. I smacked the living bejesus out of that thing with a piece of wood repeatedly, heated it, juiced it with PB blaster, smacked it some more, and more and more....took me literally 2 1/2 hours to move it up the shaft and out of the way. I think it was the combination of oil (not PB) along with some heat that finally convinced it to move. 


Every once in a while you come to a point where you just want to give up, walk away, call in the troops and let someone else do the dirty work. Then you realize that if you don't do it, it won't get done. This was one of those moments, maybe after like the 4th F bomb.


After lunch I decided to go for the drop! I checked all the hoses, electrical and mechanical connections, pulled the distributor and started jacking. The ATV jack for the engine was integral, although I might have put a floor dolly of some kind under the transmission to level it off when it came down. I followed a combination of both Raj's and Bill Williams instructions on how to do it, and took my time. I was a virgin engine dropper after all!


But down she came and then up went the car! I had to realign my wood bits once as the long piece was hitting the tranny support bracket, which is why they look so funny, but it worked just the same.


Next up is removing all the remaining stuff from the engine bay to clean it up for paint. I'm getting there!





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Thanks bud. It does get overwhelming at times, but I'm committed.

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