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Z3Ms 1968 2002

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It's a grind



Good grief.....what IS this stuff that BMW (or whoever) put on the bottom of this car!  Three stripping discs later, and I'm only about half way through with stripping the bottom.   And I still have to go back and do some fine tuning as I'm having issues getting into so,e of the nooks/ crannies.   I wonder if some paint stripping/chemical use is the way to go there?


All that said, I've made some good progress and am relatively happy with the results thus far.   I hopefully can do a bit more during the week, but most certainly will find a bit of time this weekend.  Here are a few shots of what it's looking like.




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This is called a Crud thug,  i'm doing the same thing to a car right now and it works great! It comes with several different types of brushes, it will even take rhino lining off! 


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this works all looks great, I just want to know why you are removing this materials on the bottom of the car as it does not look very rusty to me...

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