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Gas, Glass and antifreeze



So last weekend I tackled the radiator removal. Easy peasy and only 4 bolts, after pulling the hoses. Radiator looks nice and clean but surprisingly there's a radiator shop nearby so I'll be taking it over for an evaluation and maybe a re-core. After that I went after the A/C condenser and fan. I'm going A/C delete on the car anyway so out it came. FYI you have to disconnect the fan from the condenser to get them out, but also, no problem. For those who are counting, they weighed 10.5 lbs together.


After that I went after the gas tank with a Rube Goldberg siphon. Worked like a charm and I got 2 1/2 gallons out of pretty nice gas for the Landcruiser. I then went after the electrical and fuel lines, labeling as I went because, well, my memory and spatial skills are not exactly sharp. The gas tank bolts were quite easy except for (of course!) one, which snapped. Theres's always one. I noticed my immersion tube was plugged by a PO, and posted a WTF on the forum, but no one seems to know why they did this. Pic below? Anyone?


Gas tank pulled fairly easily, although I did have to remove the rubber filler neck to get it past that. Another 2 gallons remained in the tank, which I poured into a bucket along with a slight amount of sediment. I'll be bringing the tank with me to the radiator shop for a clean and seal job, then paint it up after I get it back.


Next was the glass, front and rear windshields. After about an hour and going through 2 razor blades and getting them loosened up, I called a buddy over and we gave them a try. I have to say I was nervous, as it's fairly common in the Porsche world for these things to break. But I was careful, really careful, and made sure they were nice and loose before we gave them a try. OUT THEY CAME! They don't weigh much, so up they went (after getting the bosses approval) upstairs and out of the way for long term safe keeping.


After it was all over I pulled the gauge cluster and some wiring etc and looped them together to get them out of the way for paint. Next up is the engine and subframe, which should take me a few weekends. I'm new at this stuff, so I'm going s l o w l y !


Some progress pix.






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