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She's Baaaaack!

Day ~49 – Few little things and a Paint update (2016-05-23)


I removed the struts from the pit arms, I noticed that on the driver’s side 2 of 3 oem safety bolts had been replaced with standard bolts, so I ordered some. I painted the struts with some of the leftover POR15 I had. I gave it the usual treatment (grind, degrease, metal etch, por 15 coating).


I couldn’t’ find safety wire locally (without using too much effort), but I did notice that Canadian tire sells stainless steal wire for “Hare trapping,” it does the trick. It was my first time “doing” safety wire. I used standard pliers, didn’t want to waste cash on those specialty pliers for a 1 time use.


I (re-)realized that 1 of the 2 Track Rod’s studs, the one which connects to the trailing arm, wiggles. So I got online to quickly ordered a new one, should be delivered this week but I’m in no rush with the front sub frame.


Since the brake were off the car, I decided that I might as well paint the callipers. I didn’t want them to stand out, so I went with black. I used VHT brake calliper spray paint. I had some left over so, I gave a shot to the rear drums.


I also grinded down the brake brackets, used the metal etch and since I was out of POR15 I used some anti-rust spray paint.


Velocity Stacks

The custom velocity stack “manifolds” were only tack welded. Given they’re tight proximity to their mounting studs/nuts it would be difficult to weld around them without impeding the studs/nuts. I bought a Weber carburetor synchronizer and I feared without the velocity stacks being fully sealed I would receive a false reading. I used some Permatex “Steel Weld” to seal the cracks, it’s similar to JB Weld.

Here’s a before & after

Preppin’ Stuff
I prepared an old patio table which I purposely didn’t throw out last year to spread parts on for the rebuild. I assembled some of the parts I had previously refreshed (loosely) and tidied up the space.


The Big Day (Monday May 23rd, 2016)

The shell was finally ready to be picked up. I had previously used Burstall towing to deliver the car to the paint shop, for free (but I gave the driver a $20 tip and dropped off a bottle of Scotch for Mike Burstall to say “thanks”) plus I was didn’t want to use another of my father-in-laws “favours.” Frank from the bodyshop told me he had a guy who could do it for $90, it’s a long drive from Montreal North to Dorval. The tow truck driver was nice and the price was right. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs towing services (Remorquage Teo 514-968-6213).

I’m happy with the paint. I will go pick up the hood and trunk lid once they’re ready, not too soon I hope.


I starting washing the dust off the floor pan in preparation for the Dynamat (I went with Dynamat “light” because I want to keep the weight of this little guy). My son decided he was not going to be napping and I had to go “play” with him, so no work was done yesterday.


Next steps, applying the dynamat + laying down the wiring.

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Very nice build!  You make me want to pull my rear subframe off

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