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Z3Ms 1968 2002

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Putting the rotisserie/tilt to some immediate use



 I was able to put my rotisserie to some good use today and was able to start peeling off the layers and layers of tar from the underside of the car. I don't know what this stuff is, but it seems to have saved the vast majority of the underside of the car from rust, but not dents.  


Last summer I was able to get the vast majority of the tar off, but I was surprised to find how much more remained. So today I scaled off the rest the best I could, and used my grinder to start taking off the layers to get to the original paint and primer.  I use some "gunk" remover spray to loosen things up, my heat gun and a  trowel to get majority of the tar off before using the grinder. I ultimately was able to reach nice clean bare metal.   I figure that if I could do a bunch of this legwork out front the cost of blasting it will go down, though I've yet to speak with the vendor.  I hope to do so later this week.


 Here are a few before and after pictures. And I was really only able to get to one large underside panel. 






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I like what you're doing about the removal of the sludge underneath, but I'm actually more fascinated with your rotisserie. Do you have pics of the other side and the mounting points. I would like to do the same thing specifically to replace the frame rail.

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I removed the rear bumper and used the bolts and washers to secure the rear part of the rotisserie.  No pictures right now, but I can take a few if it's helpful.

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