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Back into the workshop



 Today was a little bit like Christmas, as I unwrapped my car from its winter slumber.   OK, that may be a bit dramatic but I was able to take the tarp off the car and move it back into the garage so that I can actually start working on the body. Between myself and two of my buddies we were able to pick up the car and bring it into the garage, with my wife supervising the move.    It is absolutely what you wanted to do under Mother's Day weekend. 


 Next up is to finish removing the tar in the footwells and then sandblast the underside and recoat. I should be able to get that sometime next week as I'm going to attempt to build a "red neck rotisserie"  to make the job a little bit easier.    I'll be sure to video and/or detail that experience. 



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I'm looking forward to seeing your redneck rotisserie...  I'm trying to figure out how I can clean my underside as well - so hopefully you will give me an idea!



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