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Another Inka is born!



Those of you following are probably surprised to this fairly dramatic change of direction. After much deliberation, it felt wrong to push this car into the popular colour of white. I felt obligated to make this car something that it is, a 1975. '75, was a time of bell bottoms, leisure suits, tee's and fun colours.


So, an icon needs to be an icon...  


What at a pig of a colour to paint with. The pictures below are after 5 coats of this super transparent paint and 5 coats of clear.  The clear is a highly flexible Sherwin Williams product that is wonderfully transparent and durable. 


 I have a 360 degree video which is also outside in the sun








i am am putting the turbo flares on this car. I was really mixed on that but ultimately, I want to keep the wider wheels and the wheels sticking out is trouble for the paint and the cops.  I will put them back on once the brakes and engine are back in.


Now the assembly fun begins!



Recommended Comments

Hey mlytle

We might actually spark an interesting debate on this one.


I was firmly in your camp.  However, a couple of serious car guys convinced me that cutting the body panels to put the flares on was not necessary given the clearance and the stiffness of the suspension. Not every car is the same, of course.


What finally convinced me is other cars I have seen that were flared without the panels cut!  


not cutting has its advantages.  The panels gain the majority of thier strength from the roll.  Removing it weakens them substantially.  Should I chang my mind about the flares, it is work but I can weld up the holes and repaint rather than having to weld the rolls back on


So, it was left by design and I trust my support team.  


Let me know if you have had different experience!

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