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Looks like I'm moving....



I've recently accepted a new job all the way up in Michigan.  That means it's time to get the car kind of back together so I can move and continue the build.  The goal has been to finish up some bracing and get the whole car in primer.  Most of it will have to come off in the process of blocking the car, but at least it's one color.  Don't want to scare off the neighbors too quick.


There she sits on the brand new Basset racing wheels with the 205/50R15 tires.  The wheels are good quality, cheap and in my opinion look awesome.  The downside and it's a big one, they weight a ton.  Seriously they are 20# a piece.  At $50 a wheel they will serve well for mock up and getting me on the road. 


There is the bracing that was added.  I realize it won't add the most in stiffness but it makes jacking the car up so much easier.  The transmission tunnel had to pretty much come out to clear the Asin AR5 trans that mates up to the LE5 2.4L.  The shifter looks to be a bit rearward, but I was planning to more the driving position rearward as well.  The tubes for the bracing go through the floor pan and are then sandwiched inside the existing frame rails.  I will eventually add some extra plating to beef up the frame rails extending to the front subframe.


I have started putting some of the trim back on.  My thought is, should be less likely to be damaged if it's on the car.  The fenders and the wheels seem to fit like I had imagined them when to project started.  There will be a ton of body work to go.  The deck lid has become my paint test area.  It is so rusty and full of bondo I have deemed it a lost cause.  It will be replaced with a fiberglass skin at some point in the future.


Those are spare Alpina flares.  They need a good home, anyone in the DFW area PM me and come and get them.


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