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Finding the Pieces

Eric Henrichsen


Well, I finally picked it up. Now in my possession is a M10 engine with a 121 head and a mechanical Weber 2-barrel carburetor. It came with two sets of aftermarket performance headers, a spare driveline, clutch, flywheel, another 4-speed, and a radiator. The last is almost as significant as the engine itself, as I wasn't sure I was going to find a radiator that wasn't going to be a major investment to acquire. This whole package came out of a running and driving vehicle for 750$, so I'm feeling pretty good about the condition of all the parts I now have. That isn't to say that there is still a lot of work yet to do.








I do still need to find seats, belts, and some instrumentation for the car before it's even close to being driveable. Once I have some more money, I'll be hunting for the cluster, seeing as how my car seems to have all the wiring still. Before I can mount seats and a roll bar, rust repair still needs to be done. I've never done something like this before and don't know hardly anyone that has. I don't want to buy new pans, even though that would be the safest bet, since all the pinch rails, pillars, and other major structural components seem very straight already. I would hate to ruin the alignment of all that because I cut out the floors altogether. I'm definitely a little intimidated, but once I get the hang of the welder and take care of some of the bigger holes, I have a feeling that I'll be home free.



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