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Yes, fabricated air box from scrap metal..check it out

Also put in oil cooler and intercooler in front bumper.

See oil pan tapped for return for oil.







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Very cool.


Any stats on before/ after improvements?


dyno?  0-60? Butt accelerometer?


Nice work. I was wondering why this couldn't be done


what are you running for fuel? Can't be the KF. Would need to recam to optimize ratios. 

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I got really lucky on my set up..


- rebuilt bottom end with stock pistions notched to acommadate cam.

- Schrick 316 cam. (Machine center journal for clearance.) Locking Valve Retainers.

- Duel Side Draft Webbers 40 DCOE

- Oil Cooler, Aluminum Intercooler, 

- Air/fuel Gauge, with oxygen sensor.


With only Side Drafts approx. 150

With Turbo on 7LBS approx 200+ pulls great in all gears not much lag at all.

Finally have Jets all figured out. 

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If you want jet sizes let me know.

TURBO KIT was for m10. Found on ebay for like $900.. had to mod kit a bit but works great. Slightly rich in 1St gear.

$ per horsepower the turbo is awsome.


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Would like to now what jets you used in the 40DCOE's.

Also a better view of your throttle linkage to the Webers.

I am having some difficulty setting up the 40 DCOEs on my 2002.

final engine format 1.jpg

final engine format.jpg

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- Upgraded oil return line with bradded steel.

- Fix small leak in down pipe.

- Re-Sauder electric fan.

- Old pictures of fabricating boost and Air Fuel gauge)








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