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Parts... Lots of Parts



So, for people that are contemplating a "lite" restoration for their BMW 2002, I created a spreadsheet of the parts I needed after a repaint of my 1975 BMW 2002.  It is not a comprehensive list, but covers most of the items needed to re-install trim and seals after a windows out re-spray.  All in all, I spent about $2000.00 in parts including shipping and taxes.  The spreadsheet includes part #'s and sources after some extensive research on trying to find the best price on these items.  I hope you find it useful.  I also included some pictures of the re-assembly process as it slowly progresses.  Ironically, there was another 1976 Mintgrun BMW 2002 49 State Car in Bill's shop keeping mine company during the re-assembly process.








2016-01-20 12.21.23.jpg

2016-01-20 12.09.47.jpg

2016-01-20 12.26.33.jpg

2016-01-28 13.52.10.jpg


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Hey Mark,

It was funny, I was working late on the computer and decided to take a break by perusing the site and I specifically looked for your blog to send a note and see how your car was progressing. What do you know, you posted an update this evening! I think I have commented before, but it looks like your car is progressing well. I have a '76 Mint Grun and I really want to paint it. I just haven't sat down and figured out a schedule to look for a painter, dismantle things, etc. I especially like how the owner of the car next to yours, set apart his registration sticker to show the original year.

Also, still trying to figure out a way around the DMV to get some blue plates for my car. I get conflicting stories on that. Thanks for posting the list of parts, I plan on checking it  out later.

Good luck!


P.S. Also noted that you have what looks like the original seat fabric on your front seats. I bought my car in '96 and it had sheepskin seat covers on it and I just removed them the other night. The upholstery looks really good and is a nice bright color. However, the back seat upholstery looks worn due to the car sitting outside for a year during a house remodel.

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Things are moving along slowly, but I expect things to move quicker now that Bill is down to a few cars.  As soon as I get the bumpers back, it is just installing the them, getting the trim back on and sorting out the rear lights and door cards.  When I can drive it home, I'll pull the front seats, clean the carpets and install the Recarros and 320iS Steering Wheel and work on cleaning up the engine bay.


The original seat fabric on my car isn't too bad, but the PO just stuffed them with random foam when the horsehair deteriorated, so they are lumpy and uncomfortable.  The rear seat is bad with rips and no horsehair.  I'll need to find a solution, maybe a match for the Recarros.


I hope you find the parts list useful, I look forward to hearing about your path to paint.



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I don't have Office on my computer, only Word and Excel.   Could you please put your list in Word so I can print it out?  Thank you.  I'm restoring a '74.


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On 4/13/2016 at 10:41 PM, RadicalRacing said:

I don't have Office on my computer, only Word and Excel.   Could you please put your list in Word so I can print it out?  Thank you.  I'm restoring a '74.



Here's the list as a PDF.




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