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This Project is Giving me Wrinkles



Day ~48 – Valve Cover Wrinkle Paint
The 2002 came with a few extra (ordinary) pieces, among them was a valve cover, from ’76 (I suppose), the ’69 (hahaha 69) valve cover was installed on the engine, the paint on it looked tired and had some chips. I figured why not give it a couple of coats. I had seen the VHT Wrinkle paint at Canadian Tire and decided to give it a whirl.

I degreased and sanded both valve covers with a red Scotch Bright pad, then I degreased again. The product recommended application in an environment of at least 16’c, my garage is set at 13’c, so I brought up a small heater and encircled the valve covers with some old boxes in order focus the heat on the area (before it would rise).
3 thick coats of VHT Wrinkle Paint.

3 hours later.

The next evening (24 hours), I used a blade to scrape off the worst of the paint on the lettering and stripes. The paint was still slightly tacky (bellow the top coat).

VHT recommended 2 hours in the oven to cure, for better wrinkles (or 36 hours) but I wasn’t about to smell up the house after already smelling up the garage. I let it cure for 72 hours in my mechanical room which has the furnace plus my wine cellar cooling unit condenser creating heat (it’s toasty in there).

2 evenings later I used some sanding paper to remove the rest of the paint on lettering/stripes.

Final product.


 I'm think I'll put the '69 valve cover back on the motor, and maybe I'll sell the other or mount it on my garage wall since it's not worth that much.


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I REALLY dig the look prior to scraping the paint off the letters and stripes. Hey, thanks for all the help you gave me!!

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4 minutes ago, Mark92131 said:

I'll buy the one you aren't using...




I'll get back to you via PM.. in a while.

Edited by MildSeven

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Here is one I painted with  Hammer Mill finish paint  It was easy  The black wrinkle finish looks great  May try one this way too


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