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Looking for the Engine

Eric Henrichsen


So, having discovered the short block had a massive hole, the cylinder head was in fact cracked, and the oil pump was completely locked up, I had to change my plan a little. It turns out its cheaper to replace the whole engine at this point, even if that meant some used parts. I had a co-worker that I used to work with that came by my shop not too long ago shortly after I had brought the pieces in to scrap the engine. He mentioned he had a friend who has a friend that owns a 2002. My co-worker's friend was planning on buying the car from his buddy and swapping a new fuel-injected 4 cylinder into it, so he would naturally have a spare engine. The best part? The car runs and drives. I got in touch and we met at his buddy's house where I got to look at this car before the motor had been pulled. We started it up and besides the hood rattling really bad, the motor sounded solid. We agreed that I would be buying the engine, 4-speed transmission, intake and carb, and the aftermarket headers it came with. Now, the guy I'm actually buying the engine from isn't going to be able to pull it until after this next Saturday (4-9), so I won't be picking it up until the following weekend, when I actually have some time myself to pick it up.


In the meantime, I started to work on the other major problem staring me in the face. The rust. I got to work on chipping off the rubber insulation layer that's glued to the floor boards.The rust patches did help this to go a little faster, but that means there's more metal that's going to need replaced. I got the insulation mostly peeled away from the driver and passenger side wells, now all that's left is the back bench area that shouldn't be rotten anywhere except where it meets the rear passenger wells. 


Now that the website's been upgraded, I can actually upload files at a decent rate! And even straight to my blogs. Here's some photos of the progress I made on clearing out the insulation.





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2002 , its unique, rusty, and time consuming. But you just have to want it. And it will make you work for it!






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