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Console Delete



In the Porsche world, it's fairly common to delete the A/C and the center console in the early cars, at least in temperate climates. I personally never liked the look, and took the console out of my SC, creating miles of legroom and a much more open feeling.


I envisioned the same thing with Fred, so I dug in. The console was easy...a few nuts here, a few switches there. Of course, I labeled all the wires for future reference, and saved and labeled the console. 


The Behr A/C was not as easy, and I was a little shocked not to be able to find an "A/C Delete" thread here. But I did read something about just cutting the hoses, and that made getting the inside unit out easier. BTW, it weighs 12 pounds. 


The drier came out as well, made easier by me employing a reciprocating saw on the bracket, whose flathead screws were rusted in place. Be careful out there! I left the condenser and compressor for another time, maybe when I either do the coolant flush as the raidator seems to need to be pulled to get to both. I'm expecting a lot of weight saving between those two babies!


I also discovered some interesting archeological finds behind the glove compartment while digging around the console. I'm absolutely DYING to listen to these cassettes from the 80's, although I think I'll pass on the Tiparillos. Oh, and that parking ticket from Rutger's University! Shame on him!


The underside of the seats held a surprise. Note the blue material used to prop up the stuffing or padding. Apparently the seat manufacturers were being frugal, and used remnants to back fill their seats. Frugal Germans.


I also took a picture of the 4:1 header currently on the car. Any input about this unit?


I did a little rust inspection today as well. I'm sorry to report (and to find) Fred Flintstone could stop the car if he wanted to with his feet throught the pasenger floor....I'm sure this is just the tip of my proverbial rust iceberg...eek!


Here are some weights and measures for you guys that care.


Hoses, Dryer, fittings=2.6 lbs

Behr A/C unit=12.6 lbs

Console=5.0 lbs

Rear Belts=3.2 lbs

Bumper=37.4 lbs

Bumper trim=5.2 lbs

Bumper=33.8 lbs

Console cardboard soundproofing=5.2 lbs

Carpet and accents=17.4 lbs


FRED HAS LOST 122.4 pounds!!! 









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