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It begins...



I brought this 74 Tii home a few weeks ago, and my wife immediately dubbed him "Fred". This was because he was black, and according to her, looked like a top hat. This reminded her of Fred Astaire (she's living in the 1940's in her mind even thought she's ALOT younger than that), so who am I to argue with a wife naming one of my cars? This translates into acceptance, and who among us can't use a little more of that when it comes to acquiring vehicles?


Here is is, after I removed the impact bumpers. BTW, those suckers weigh 70 lbs., but more on that later.


I then dug into removing the carpet. Quite the battle as it was the one piece original, but I got it out. No one told me about the roof shingles being OEM under the drivers side floor....oh, maybe that was some prior owner doing a rust repair?


I ordered some small parts form various suppliers. Some of you might have read my experiences on the forum, but suffice it to say that $30 of parts were going to cost me $25 in shipping, so I ended up going to Uncle Google and Ebay and even paid retail at my local stealership to avoid shipping. One brake light switch (even though it turned out to be the bulbs) and 4 Fuel injector o-rings for $7 a piece. Hey, it was spitting gas all over the place. Worth every penny.


More later...







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