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Christmas Cars

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Holiday.jpgWill you get one? Will you? You know, the Lexus 'December to Remember Event'. Did you get a new Lexus? Will Santa deliver a brand new white, or maybe his personal red, Mercedes? Maybe a new Acura fresh from the 'Oh what fun it is to drive' specials. BMW, Ford, Audi - all manufacturer's believe only a Neanderthal wouldn't purchase a brand new car for Christmas.

Acura-Spot.jpgHow many people actually purchase a car for Christmas? Do you know anyone that has ever been given a car to celebrate the First Noel? Let's go one step further, how many people do you know that received a brand new $50,000 Lexus or $65,000 Mercedes as a gift?

AMG-Santa.jpgdecember-to-dismember.jpgSome teenagers get 'new' cars for Christmas, new to them that is. But really, the car was something they would get anyway, Christmas just makes it more fun. The question I am asking is do you know people who purchased a new car because, well, an ad on television said that if you love that special someone you will buy her a brand new, very expensive, very fancy car and deliver it to her with a huge bow on top.

1993_subaru_loyale_wagon_base_fq_oem_1_3I have seen this once in my life. In the late 80's I sold Ford, Mercury and Subaru's in a small town. A gentleman from New Hampshire had a ski house just 30 minutes north of my town in Vermont. He had just purchased a new Subaru wagon to help him get back and forth to New Hampshire. His wife loved another Subaru on the lot. The next day he called and said he wanted to buy the other car for his wife and deliver it as a Christmas present. I purchased a giant bow and on Christmas Eve he arrived, picked up the car and headed up to his ski home to deliver to his wife. I am sure she was surprised, he was happy to purchase it for her and I liked the commission. However, a new Subaru isn't the same price range as the $90,000 Mercedes SL or AMG sedan.

Why would I never buy a car as a Christmas gift?

Let's forget the part that I simply can't afford it. I wouldn't do such a
pile%2Bof%2Bmoney.jpgthing for so many reasons. First, my wife is very particular about her cars. After 27 years of marriage and me being a car nut I know exactly what my wife wants in a car (Between you and me, I haven't a clue). I have an idea of the types of cars she likes but what she really likes is beyond my small male mind to comprehend. When we do start the car shopping thing I will list out the 4-5 cars I think she will like and we head out to drive them. The one that I am 100% positive she will love often
read-minds-2.jpgends up on the bottom of the list. We are currently driving a Mini Cooper Countryman because I didn't know she would like one. So reason one to not buy a new car for my wife? I would purchase the wrong car. Heck, I can't pick out a sweater she likes much less a car.

Second, the color that I love and the one she loves is of course the same, not really. Give me a gorgeous burnt orange, dark burgundy colored car and I would be a happy camper. She on the other hand likes aqua blues, mint greens and other colors (and if you are reading this honey - I know I probably have these colors wrong - remember - small male mind).

2013-pagani-huayra-interior.jpgThird, how the car feels inside and how it drives is important. Get me a vehicle where the inside replicates an F14 fighter cockpit where the buttons are only pinky twitch away. I want to feel like the Red Baron as I shoot down the cars around me. She on the other hand hates, I mean really hates, that tight cocoon type
bigengine.jpgfeeling that many car brands brag about. I think we purchased our last Ford a few years ago because all Ford's now have that tight driver's center that I guess most males like. And how about how it drives? More power! Kidney breaking suspension! The ability to make a passenger throw up when I take a corner is how all cars should be made. I want to know heads versus tails when I drive over a dime. My wife, not so much. Yes, she likes a car that drives nice, is sprightly but the race car turned road car is not on her Christmas wish list.

Finally, I said that we don't have the money but let's assume I do. How in the world, unless you are Bill Gates, hide a $65,000 purchase from your spouse? Even if you manage the books, somehow, somewhere she is going to say 'Hey, remember that CD we had? The bank says we cashed it in. Do you remember doing that?' There is no way I could get away with it. I once bought my wife a $10 gift while traveling and Visa called to confirm the purchase. So she found out that I had bought something for $10 in the state of Washington. Yeah, a $70,000 purchase is not going unnoticed.

Again, dear, if you are reading this, you may be surprised to know that you are not getting a new Range Rover, Jaguar, or Porsche for Christmas. I may get some jewelry and that perfume you want, but don't run down to the garage in the morning unless you want to see the two cars that are already sitting in there. How about a sweater?


Are you someone who purchases expensive cars for Christmas as a gift? Do you know someone who does? Would you dare? This is something I think about each time I see one of the perfect families walk out of the house on Christmas morning, standing in fake snow, hair all perfect (even though it is 5 in the morning) with a surprised face for the new car in the driveway. Maybe it is just jealousy that makes me ponder this. Maybe I just don't get it.

That's the thing about buying a car for someone as a gift or even as a necessity, bring that person with you, it is too personal a purchase to just pick one out for that special loved one.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season.


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