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chrome work



Hi 02 crew,

I am new to this site. I have a 1975 -2002 that has been in my garage for 4 years. This was a high school project car of my sons that became mine, so like most guys- i have to fix it up. I have been doing a lot of reading and trying to figure out the best ( and most reasonable ) way to restore this rough jewel. I have purchased new suspension that i will install this week. The car needs body work, painting and re chroming to do. I could use your help. I live in the San Francisco bay area and am looking for a good but reasonable body shop ( that knows 2002), an upholstery shop, and a place to rechrome the euro bumpers i purchased. If you have a recommendation and want to share it, please do. if you know what you paid, please include it. I am willing to drive up to 2 hours from san jose.

Your help is much appreciated!




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Check out princesslisa's blog. I think she is in the same area as you and she likely knows anybody worth knowing when it comes to 02 work. There is an event at Brisbane coming up (Could be this weekend). Highly recommend you go. You will find a tonne of contacts

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Thanks dj2002.

since my last post, I have sent off my bumpers to -New Age Metals in Fresno, California. Mike was pleasant and offered. A reasonable price.

Vans Upolstery ( on San Jose Ave) in San Jose, California has completed my seats, door panels and will do my headliner after I get it painted.

This has been a slow project that keeps moving along.  I have a good friend who keeps me on track.

thanks for your post, I will be in Brisbane in Saturday shopping and admiring each persons car work.



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Enjoy!  Bit far for me to go otherwise I would be doing the same!  


I will ill be putting the wiring harness back in my car.



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I am looking for a perfect set of black 75-76 rear door cards if anyone is doing a trunk sale

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ok- my project is starting to gain some momentum. We pulled the engine out last week and and pressure washed 40+ years of road dirt off of the strut housings , block, and frame. I am going to swap over my automatic and install a 4 speed. I still need to find a pedal box ( anyone have a reasonable deal on a rebuilt one)?

my goal is to get this car road ready by x-mss. My next goal is to find a good/fare price body shop in the san francisco bay area. ( July 2016). Any suggestions??


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