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The engine sits on it own mounts!



Finally got the subframe clearnaced to allowe the engine to move back 2". I was also able to drop the back end a little bit.


For engine mount isolators, I'm using 1991 BMW 318i hydraulic mounts. Above is a picture showing were they mounts are on the subframe and where the oil pan is in realation.


The passenger side engine mount I made out of 0.100" 4130 steel. It's not pretty but it's not bad for my first iteration.


The driverside was made using 1.50" X 0.120" roll cage tube. I tried to make it a bit smaller to allow more room for the dipstick, steering and master cylinder.


Final result, engine is in, supported on it's own mounts. I look to have enough room to use an off the shelf budget 3 pass radiator with fan and shroud, from eastwood.

The next big mission will be getting the transmission in. That will take a substatial amount of clearancing to make it fit. Once the big pieces are in place I will probably try to get the rest of the steering assembly mocked in before cleaning up mounts and adding more bracing.

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