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Miata seats in the 2002



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The finished product:

After having a Mazda Miata I campaigned in autocross on the East Coast I knew I liked the feel of the seats.

I got a pair of seats in decent enough shape from the wrecker. I completely disassembled, sanded and painted the steel pans, and then fully reupholstered them with a decent vinyl kit from online. The next thing to do was to mount them.

The brackets are very different on the Miata seats, so a little modification is in order.

The first issue is the seat rails are longer and narrower than the stock sliders. This required a new mounting method obviously. I went round and round with ideas but settle on the "Keep It Simple Stupid" method of... a rectangle.







I measured and cut the angle stock to fit between the stock mounts and extending to the seat mount points.




It allows: full contact along the stock seat mount platforms, full support under the new seats, full slider range of motion, and it's fully reversible in the future for both the seats and the car.

I have it bolted for proof of concept but will get it welded in the future.

If I can do it, certainly anyone can do it.



Tape measure

Any type of metal cutter (I used a sawzall).


Or welder if you have it.


1" angle steel 1/8 thick. (could also use 1" square tubing but the seat sits higher)

Grade 8 bolts washers and locknuts.

Finally, I trimmed all the steel ends, painted the brackets and reinstalled. I'll also be covering them with upholstery vinyl for a more hidden look in the future.



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If I had recaros I wouldn't have Miata seats. HA! 
Ok, so the seat is the same thickness as the stock comfort seats and the rails may be slightly lower but could be about even with stock. If you want shoulders lower than top of door this is too high but I'm 5'9" and its fine. There are several ways to mount them lower if you have a welder or bolt to the floor. Mine is completely reversible so far.

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On 06/03/2016 at 0:13 PM, theNomad said:

If I had recaros I wouldn't have Miata seats. HA! 

What about Nakamae with vent buttons!

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Would love to see more pics if you have them. I'm considering Miata seats......cuz I'm cheap.....and they're pretty comfy. Thanks!

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@Bigbyrd8 what type of pics are you looking for?

Being black they don't photograph too well unless I'm in the sunlight but I can try.


I have seen a post where someone put in Mazda Protege seats with no bottom rail adjustment. They are not as supportive as miata seats but it's a time consuming task to make the brackets or to get the plates cut to fit the miata seat in the car.  

Either way, mine can go back to stock if I want since there is no cutting involved. If you can get a good deal on em go for it! As cheap, if not cheaper, than cheapo ebay "racing seats" but much better made and supportive. If I had the $$$ though i'd just get some recaro options. 


There was just too much to do on the car at the time (and still)

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Somebody told me the curvey top of the seats look whack from the exterior view. Same issue with the Porsche seats (rounded top). Stock seats and most recaros are blocky and rectangular for the most part. Given that's just an opinion (everybody's got em) but I haven't been able to find a view that would confirm/deny that opinion. 


Fab isn't a problem for me, but I love the fact you maintained the ability to go back to stock. 



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You're ride looks great. Those pics totally answer the mail for me. I can see why a purist would get upset. It kinda changes the profile of the interior/windows. I actually like it. I'm a purist for some things (13" wheels are a must for me) but pretty liberal on others. 


Thanks man!

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