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Quick rear bumper tuck



I took a little time today and removed the rear bumper. Just take out three large bolts and 6 small nuts for the rubber accordians. A quick drill through the shocks released the pressure to compress the shocks. I drilled through a tupperware bowl and it caught the spray of oil very easily and cleanly.


I removed the black rubber spacer/cover and reinstalled my now shorter bumper shocks. Unfortunately the rear bumper doesn't follow the contour of the rear exactly but it'll do for now.


Quick and easy. Lost about 3" on the whole affair. I can still use the bumper for all the things the diving boards are good for: laying tools on, sitting on at car meets, setting your beer on...

FYI, the new length of the rear bumper shocks is 8" on the outside. I did drill and insert a screw into the shocks just to keep the bumpers from ever backing out.

In the future I hope to get a lightweight fiberglass or earlier bumper but this was free for now


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