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New steering wheel with "patina" included free



I wanted to get rid of the stock steering wheel and get something with black leather and a thicker grip.

I looked around at wheel types and found out that while Grant has some decent budget wheel options the BMW 2002 Grant steering hub is no longer available. This left Momo as the main option. With most wheels starting at $150 and up they don't fit in my budget.

I then discovered that there is an adapter plate #4008 for a Grant wheel to Momo hub. The Momo hub #155 fits the BMW 2002 so it seemed to be a good option.

20160122_143305.jpgI found a used Grant steering wheel on ebay and I was actually drawn to the fact that it had some patina already. It was a more expensive model but due to chrome flaking and some wear it had no bids and was inexpensive. The Momo hub cost nearly 3x more but I think the wheel fits the "lived in" interior just fine.

The 14.5" width is nearly stock and it should give great feedback. I can always try out a smaller wheel in the future.



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