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Day one of the journey - 1974 BMW 2002



Here are the Craigslist photos of the '74 that arrived. After a long while looking around I saw this car in Seattle of all places. I decided to check it out. I had the help of a fellow BMW2002FAQ member "pklym" who was kind enough to go check it out, take photos and report to me how he felt about it. I'd gone slightly up in my budget because I wanted something turn key with a nice shine so my SO would be willing to ride in it... occasionally.


It seemed all there, in daily driver condition and had a paint job at least a year before. Pklym helped immensely in his hard work and honest assessmet of the car.

After speaking with a nice owner, perusing many photos and calculating refurb costs I decided to go for it, made a deal and had the car shipped down to SoCal.

The Previous owner in Portland "saying goodbye".


And here it is on the day of arrival.

A 60's designed car for my 60's designed house.



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