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All the big pieces are finally here




I've spent the better part of a year just dealing with rust on this car. So far the following have been repaired

- floor pans, all four quadrants

- rockers, both

- lower quarters, both

- front cowl area, pretty much the wiper spindles were all that was salvagable

- under the back windows

-still to do the doors

Then I got a bit side tracked and wanted to make it pretty so, I put on some box flares.


I also managed to track down a rack and pinion out of a 320I. It was a manual rack. The thinking was to clear up some space in the engine compartment. Although it seems I could have probably made the stock steering box clear.


That bring me up to today. Finally tracked down the drivetrain pieces that I have been looking for. The transmission is out of a Saturn Sky Redline. It should be good for up to 300 ft-lb, more than I'll make. I picked it up for $450 with hydraulic throw out bearing.


The engine is from a 2009 Pontiac G6. It's a variable valve timed, all aluminum DOHC 4 cylinder. In stock form it puts out ~170 hp and 165 ft-lb. In this installation the exhaust and intake should free up a few ponies. The engine is used quite a bit by sand rail guys. They can be tuned to 200+ NA and up to 300hp with a turbo.



The bigger pluses for this application, weight and price. According to all sources its no heavier than the M10 that came out, so handling shouldn't be spoiled. Price is hard to beat at $475 for the complete engine with all electronics and harnesses. Before anyone gets too angry. I started with a 1.6l, the amount of money needed to get to 170hp would have been way more and it would not have had electronic fuel injection.


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