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Centre Console



I decided that I wanted to do a real wood console. I bought a big block of amboya wood and got to work on it with the router.

I used the follower on the original decorative cover for the instrument panel to make a template. This took awhile. It needed to be really accurate so everything would be properly centered and I needed to adjust the tabs to make sure the decorative spacers to close the gauge gap worked properly.

Instrument Panel

The template



PS. If you want one, let me know and I can make you a copy of it.

The front


The back (notice the routered out back to create the same face depth and gauge flanges)


Installed in on the cluster


Here is the base of the centre console


Here is the base of the centre console with the mock up for the gauge cluster. The gauge cluster in amboyna will be done when it warms up outside a bit.



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Often wondered how hard it would be to do something like this. Your effort inspires me give it a go. It looks AMAZING! Look forward to seeing the finished project.

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Thank you 2002newb!


This was my second attempt at this. I tried going the laminate path with some mixed success.  I am definitely happier with this path.


I have a template that took me 8 hrs to put together and I wrecked one of original face plates.  If you want to save you some time, I could make a copy of it for you for $40 or so to cover my time and the plywood.  Just let me know.


I will add the template to the blog so you can see it.  Doesn't look like I can put a pic right in here.

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