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I'm a dumb arse and the photos to prove it



blogentry-45559-0-79688800-1455581623_thBack at writing finally. It’s weird because I am looking back on this build from almost 4 years ago, but it all seems to be coming back to me fast and with a lot of detail.

So we last left off we me cutting and welding some of the rust. You will also see with these various shots me doing dumb things like cutting out the original seat rail towers.

There was a lot of time spent trying to get the various elements of a custom brackets correct. It was all a big hassle. I won’t rehash all of the details here, but as I stated in the last post there was a ton wrong with the e30 seats.

Factors about the e30 seats that suck when mated to an 02:

  1. Too tall for me, and I am average to shorter in height about 5’8’’ or so. I had to duck to get in and out of them
  2. They seem like they are twice the weight of the original 1600 seats. Not awesome.
  3. The thing that bothered me most is how offset from the peddles and the steering wheel I was.
  4. The last thing that did them in was the fact that I had to switch around the handles for moving the seat forward to access the back. The original way they worked cause the seat to meet the door.

I pushed the button on finding the e21 Recaros. This was not at all a workable situation.

Problem was, I had removed the old seat rails. Err, you kind of need those to put the e21s in. Crap. I had also tossed what I had cut out.

I needed help. I called the Dr. He laughed for more than 5 minutes. Then I got a lecture on being period correct or at least period reversible. Point taken.

Shockingly he had just cut up the floor and center tunnel of a 74. He had rails that were straight and had enough sheet metal to be trimmed down and welded back into my car.


The car went back up there and while it was up there I decided to have a bunch of other work done.


As you can see in a couple of the photos it ended up okay...thankfully.


the great side effect was i got the later and much more functional side adjusters for the seats. The original positioning levers were way under the e21 seats. Now they are right where you can get at them.


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