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Load 'em Up, Ship 'em Out.



blog-0178863001452095191.jpgDay ~41 (about 1 day of work) Seat Rail Renewal, Shipping the carcass to Bodyshop

Seat Rail Refresh

Soon after I purchased the 02, I discovered the seat rails were a rusty mess, I had looked in to getting another set at the time but Aardvark Racing (who sold the previous owner the Reccaro seats), said he was out of stock and I would be better off ‘de-rusting’ them. Fast forward to the project… I degreased the rails, gave them a bath in the Metal Rescue solution (for ~30hours), wire brushed, rinsed, dried, painted and re-greased them. It’s a shame I forgot to take a before photo frown.gif.

Seat Rail “Clothesline” for spray paint.



The original plan which dates back a year was to send the car to Strasse for bodywork & paint, turns out they’re all booked up (for bodywork) until April’ish, so I went out to get a few more quotes (from shops with good reputations or were referred to me).

My father-in-law referred me to the shop where he gets work done. It was a father & son deal where the son (Frank) has now taken over the reins and does everything himself. He seems like a nice/good guy and I’m confident he’ll do a good job. The shop is in the east end, off industrial called C L Auto Body (10760, av Jean-Meunier, Montréal-Nord, QC H1G 4S4 | 514-325-6463).

Now it was a matter of getting the car there.


Plan A, F150 with double ATV Trailer. My father-in-law (who’s vacationing in Florida) has a F150 and had an old double ATV trailer (which was now at his friend’s shop), I wanted to get the car to paint before there was snow on the ground. Unfortunately when I went to pick-up the trailer, I discovered, the sides were too high, thus making the trailer too narrow for the overall shell.

Plan B, Uhaul. I was going to call Uhaul to rent either a 10x6 trailer, hoping the ramp/gate is removable or if it wasn’t an auto transport trailer. I called Uhaul to find out the ramp/gate is not removable so the length of 10’ would not be enough, the agent also told me that the auto transport trailers were all in Florida and he could locate one for me (would take a few weeks) but when I explained him what I was towing he said it wouldn’t work because the trailer has two rails (for the car’s wheels) and the casters I installed on the shell would not end up in those rails. I said I could put a plank of wood across or something, he said uhaul wouldn’t allow that.

Plan C, Flatbed. My mother-in-law’s cousin’s husband is Mike Burstall (of Burstall & Conrad Towing). I figured they be pricey because the have exclusive rights to the highways and I’ve had cars towed from the highway a few times for a pretty penny. Mike helped out for a very fair price of $0.

I finished packing up the car to ship.


Loaded up


Now we play the waiting game and in the meantime refresh some more parts, including the full rear-sub-frame.

Current State of Garage: 2016-01-04



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