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Carism for World Peace

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Facebook_logo_small.pngtwitter%2Bsmall.pngI belong to many automotive related groups on different social media. From old cars to new cars, cars that people see on the highway to ones sitting in someone's garage in a 1,000 pieces, particular brands, types and even colors - you name the category there is most likely some car group out there related to it. Most of these groups require a

No Politics
No Racism
No Being a Jerk, Idiot, Moron
rule that when broken is dealt with swiftly and with justice. What makes me write about these groups along with the above rules is that I theorize that if we could get everyone to be car fanatics most of our social, racial and other issues could go away.

One gentleman wrote:

The only race info that should be on this page should be about horsepower and end with a checkered flag.

I believe if all people became car fanatics world peace would be achieved. I have seen, and know first hand, that car people just don't see race, gender, sexual orientation, or the host of other ism's that plague social media and the news today. What we see are cars, cars and more cars. While attending a weekend Cars and Coffee meet if a beautiful 69 Pontiac GTO Judge shows up I can tell you that if Christie Brinkley (for the older crowd), Gisele Bundchen (for the younger crowd), Vladimir Putin, President Obama, Heisenberg of Breaking Bad fame - pretty much anyone who steps out of that car will be just background as we all rush to see the car. (Note: Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld are the exceptions to the above rule as they are car guys' car guys). On a good day we might eventually realize who the driver is and on a normal day after the person drives away someone may say 'Wasn't that Matt Damon?' and others would say 'I didn't notice.'


It's just the way we are.

Those of you not stricken with the car bug may say it is because we are shallow and simplistic thinkers and can only focus on one thing at a time. I can assure that is not true because:


  • First, many car fanatics are women - we know women can focus on more than one thing.
  • Second, if a second car pulled up we would notice that as well.
  • Third, well, I just know there is a third that will come to me but I am thinking about a car right now

The reason why we don't judge people by gender or race or whatever is because we like the person based on the car, not the car based on the person. Now you are thinking:


So if I don't drive a cool car then I am not cool?
Pretty much.


What you are missing is that you don't have to be rich, famous, smart, male, female to drive a nice car because a cool car to us isn't just a new $110,000 Mercedes but instead could be a $600 Ford Granada that is cool because it is still running (trust me, I know this, I drive an obnoxious, beat up BMW and it gets many a fair

Ford%2BGranada.jpgshare of looks and comments). So we don't care if you are a 1%'er or only have about $.01 in your pocket. Additionally, you don't tven have to own a great car to become a member of the group, if you love cars like we do, then welcome to our club!

All this is true because we have our priorities straight. Cars are not human and therefore don't have built-in prejudices and since we live for cars that we too have lost that built-in prejudice. We see the world through paint, wheels, suspension, turbos and a host of other inanimate objects. Those inanimate objects only worry that the parts they are connected to continue to do their job - regardless of the color, brand, store the part came from. As a car crazy person that's how I see the world as well. I don't care where you came from, what you do for work, your car is what I want to know more about.

If you are tired of politics, Fox versus MSNBC, liberal versus conservative and just plain old negative talk go on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and look up some car pages and enjoy the beauty of old and new cars, car history and car culture that is also enjoyed by others all without judgment or name calling.

That's the thing about the car culture, it really is a judgment free zone and if people stop judging, then world peace can be achieved.


PS - Some great pages to start with can be found on Facebook.


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So the Afghan war, Iraq war, Boko Haram insurgency, Syrian civil war, Somali civil war, War in Darfur, Libyan crisis, Mexican drug war, etc., etc., would all end if these conflicts focused on auto envy????

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