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slowly gathering parts.



blog-0594700001448422372.jpgNot much has really happened with this after getting things running on EDIS/carb.

I've peeled off the old carb intake, did some clean up, re-sealed some gaskets. I should really buy new stuff, but I've got all winter for that.

I thought mounting the EDIS coils over the valve cover would look different. Got some metric threaded rod and nylock nuts (6mm?). Pulled the back 4 valve cover studs, put in my longer ones, some 1x1 square tubing, a little 16 gauge steel, a little fab work, some yellow paint and tada, done (first picture).

I purchased a 318i intake (mistaken on the 320 intake above), and various bits from a wrecker in Ontario (couldn't find anything local), but he missed the bypass/return coolant tube.

A little time with the tubing bead roller, 1/2" copper tubing, and some 45 degree bends and I think I'll have something I can use. (second picture)

Other than commodity/easily obtained parts, I think I have the rest of the required parts to do the intake half of the megasquirt, either on their way, or in my garage.

I've started cleaning up the front sub frame (not cracked), will probably reinforce it (similar to this: http://www.coupeking.com/product/custom-2002-front-subframes/).

I've been toying around with changing out the standard arms and compliance rod (??) with heim joint/rods, but that's if I finish everything else this winter.

A E21 case and LSD has made it into the car, but only one drive before the snow flew :(

Also purchased a rear sub frame that looks OK ,that may get the toe/camber mods.

Lots to do this winter!

I'll try to keep you posted


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