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"A new Appreciating Owner"

So the decision was made. The 02 went up for sale.

It sold in 5 days with a full disclosure, I'll admit I was amazed. Dr. Kwan took care of all of the details, and he was awesome. Of all of the people I have met in the local community he is one of my favorite people. He really saved me. I know other people have had different experiences with him, but honestly he has been nothing but helpful to me. A broker is a broker though, it is important to always do your homework and always go for the PPI before putting your cash down. More on that in a bit.

I don't actually know who bought the 1968, but I believe it went to someone who immediately took it to a shop to be painted?!?! Which was odd. I know this because I saw it sitting out in front of a shop in Redwood City. I later saw the car with the new paint. The photos in this gallery are of my discovery on the side of the road. They made a decision to paint the car an awful pearl white with the sparkles and everything. Whatever, It was someone's project. Odd that a body shop wouldn't fix the door and hood gap. Nothing. Just like I left it 'cept now it sparkled with gliter paint. Evil.

I saw the car again 9 months later, this time on ebay. It had been modified with a highly worked over m20 engine and a very large turbo. I kept hearing the words of Luis in my head "not safe to drive, and a danger at any speed..." Now with an extra 150+ horsepower. I scoured the photos and saw that NOTHING had been done to the frame. Even sent a question to the seller to ask about the frame and the overall bodywork. Never heard anything.

Hopefully whoever the latest "New appreciating owner of this particular 99% rust free car" gets the freaking frame fixed. Thankfully in the ebay ad it had a full set of Wilwood brakes. One issue got worked out seemingly.

The GTI sold about a week later. It was going to be a complete resto done by a couple of brother not far from me. Not sure whatever happened to the GTI but I do miss that car.

Now with a totally cleaned out garage it was time to figure out next. I got a call from the Dr. another week later. He uses funny terms at times "I have some new material for you to come look at."

Great, what are we looking at?

"Come up, i think this car is going to fit all of your needs." Sounds promising. We shall see...


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it had been hit hard on the driver side in the front. The frame and subframe were wavy, and it had been welded together. To fix it the entire subframe would need to be replaced. The mounting point (the rail that subframe mounts to) would have needed to be cut about 3 inches back from the firewall and a new one sourced and welded in. Then the inter and outer fenders along with the mounting point for the shock tower on the driver side would all need to be replaced.


It was also rusty between the subframe and the body.


While i wasn't looking to build a show car I wanted something safe and I wanted something I knew I could really drive.

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