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Grinding 'n' Scrapping



Day ~29 (about 1 day of work), Let's Grind - August 30th, 2015 - September 12th, 2015

I was finally able to remove the temporary square tubing we had put in to reinforce the shell while replacing the rocker panels. Despite the actual work of removing those 6 pieces of metal didn't take much time or even effort, it felt like huge progress was made. I think it was because it meant the days of welding were numbered.

Support out mother f'ers!


My plan was to grind down the floor pan, to bare metal and Por15 it. I laid out my tools, ready to go at it.


I don't understand how the floor pans rust rust in these cars because grinding off the paint/primer/whatever is a huge pain in the arse. I think i might settle for doing a pretty good job removing the worst before applying the Por15 process. I mean there's no rust or anything, so why break my back.

Note to people who might attempt this: if you leave even a small trance of that tar sound deadening on the floor and try to grind it, it will just heat up and spread. I recommend having a razor blade scraper to remove it as your grinding. If not it just makes the whole process all the more annoying.

I plan on giving it another shot of grinding before proceeding with Por15.





Look at our "lovely" patchwork done on the passenger floor pan. We had cut the tranny tunnel wall (of the car) a little too high, so we had to put in a patch there. The donor floor pan was also in some bad shape in the right corner (thanks DenverTii), so there's another patch there. We also plugged the drain holes.


Since the welder had a few things to fix inside the shell, I moved under the car. I started scraping off the underside with a razor blade and metal scrapper/spatula, if i would have started with the grinder from the start it would be a hot mess.Surprisingly it doesn't look that bad once you remove all the muck, I think I'll give it a light grinding in everywhere and a heavy grinding on the bad spots before putting some more Por15 and a rubberized undercoating.


I should finally have more free time on evenings next week :) so hope to make some good progress.

hate it.


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