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Behind The Scenes



The following post was made by my friend Ernest on a local auto enthusiast site. Ernest and Kosta have been helping me with the project.

If you read OP's account of what's been going on, you get the feeling that ACTUAL work is being done on this car by a bunch of stand up guys who know EXACTLY what they're doing.

You see progress through hard work & ingenuity. You see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You think to yourself "Man that's really cool, I wish I had a project like that & amazing buddies to share the project with" A bunch of guys with a "Go Gettem" attitude and skills to match...




Nothing could be farther from the truth and with this post, I'm going to show you the other side of what happens at these casual gtg...

Here is Kosta doing some actual welding... I must say his welding skills have improved considerably


Anthony cleaning up some rust & by accident destroying his lawn


Since Kosta is unionized, inevitably we need to take a Union Break.


Some say: he wears his welding helmet when playing hockey because the force is strong with him...

Anthony doing some metal fabrication... Although sometimes a second try is required to complete the task


On another note, Why do you think Anthony is still working:

A) He is fed up of this car & wants to finish quickly

B) The baby is crying and he wants to finish quickly

C) His wife is going to divorce him and he needs to finish quickly

D) He is not unionized and does not get a break

E) He wants to go to soccer practice in an hour and has to finish quickly

F) All of the above





If you answered F) All of the above you are correct.

Finally all good things must come to an end. After a hard day's work (2 hours give or take 30 minutes)... Kosta calls it a day & heads home in his brand new GLK (It's a 4 matic)


Here he is pulling out of the driveway.

And that my friends is what ACTUALLY happens tu.gif


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