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Bought a new project car - now the fun begins :)



blog-0215730001423239637.jpgBought a local 1973 2002 project car after searching for several months (the car was also on Ebay). Pretty rough around the edges but very solid structurally and it also has a strong running Tii engine. Now the fun begins.....I am looking to do a high quality restoration but do not want to go overboard and do a full concours job. I intend to drive the car as a summertime weekend ride.

The good:

-Strong running Tii engine. Starts right up and good compression and power.

-4 speed Tii manual (the car was originally an automatic car but the previous owner swapped in the 4 speed when he installed the Tii engine)

-Completely rust free undercarriage and shock towers

-Blue exterior/black interior with sunroof

-Decent condition on the bumpers

-No aftermarket mods

The bad:

-Rust on the left front fender, rockers and rear wheel arches. Old faded paint

-Cheesey cheap front recaro type seats

-Cracks in the dash

-Suspension needs complete refurbishment

-Brakes need complete refurbishment

-Needs new carpet and headliner

-Needs all new exterior trim

My plan is to keep it very close to stock with a few tasteful updates:

-Bilstein HD shocks with H&R springs

-Front strut bar

-Wilwood Superlight front calipers with 320i vented rotors

-Rota RB or OS Mesh 15x7 wheels with Yokohama S drive tires 195/50/15

-OEM front seats or maybe Recaros if I can find a good deal on a pair

-Nardi wood steering wheel


Recommended Comments

Good luck with your project.  My "baby" is a 68 1600-02.  Ah, the joys of rust removal!!


Be kind to others,



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So I told myself that I would not become a part collector with this project but the urge to pick up cool bits is just too strong...


I managed to find a really clean drivers side Recaro for a steal but now I need to find a matching passenger side. Does anyone know what this seat and pattern is called?






I also found a good condition Alpina A4 4 spoke E21 wheel at a fair price. I had thought about a wood Nardi at first but Alpina is far cooler and matches these Recaros better I think.


Still trying to get all the sheet metal bits together before I start taking the car apart.....

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