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Get in there you big furry oaf. I don't care what you smell.



So jumping back into one of the many projects that goes into restoring our 2002. The heater box.

Last I posted, it was looking like this:



I got the kit from PRDesignsf....great kit. Wish it included the nuts/bolts to attach the heater valve to the box. But a trip to Ace fixes that.


Specializing in BMW 2002 Heater Boxes




It was in pretty rough shape but a quick vac and wash it was ready for plastic repair and paint. 

I chose to paint the metal parts instead of plating them. Not sure if that was smart, but we'll see.

Also hit the body of the box with some paint after thoroughly cleaning it.




Reassembly was pretty strait forward. Getting the heater valve rebuilt was a little difficult. Mostly because of the corrosion of the screws holding it together.

I was afraid of breaking it while taking it apart!



It cleaned up well






The fan still works so I cleaned it up as best as I could and the new cables that came in the kit installed.

I'm still putting this together and should be done later today. 


While I was at it, I also freshened up a Rock Island 571 vise a friend gifted me.



All it really needed was a good cleaning and paint. It's not perfect, for example there is a crack in the base, but it doesn't keep it from being useful. 

But to be expected from a vise made during WW2.

I'll tear it down again one day and weld the crack. For now, a shot of John Deere tractor green will do.






I'd been without a vise since moving into the house. So this is a great addition to the shop.

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