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Moving Slowly to Front Subframe Install




I haven't posted in a while, but I've made some progress towards getting the engine mounted in the subframe and the subframe reattached to the car.  First off, the flywheel debacle is finally complete.  My 2 week flywheel lightening project at IE took over a month to return, (my fault for expecting a quick turnaround during the Thanksgiving break).  Then there was the issue of the 22mm vs 28mm ARP flywheel bolts, ordering the wrong size (needed 28mm version) set me back $75 and 2 weeks.  But with all the parts arriving last week, I installed the flywheel, torqued it to ARP spec (105 ft/lbs) and installed a new Sachs pressure plate and clutch disk.


So now that the motor is getting closer to being buttoned up, it was time to figure out how to get it installed.  The body is up on the MaxJax so my plan was to install it from the bottom, but how to raise it up?  Well, I could of raised the body up, pushed and dragged my new shinny subframe with motor into position, drop the car body down, and then use the engine picker to pull it up into position, but that would be too easy.  Why not build something elegant to do this job because I have so much time waiting for my flywheel to come back from IE.  So I bought a used motorcycle jack on Craigslist for $50 and modified it.  Basically, I was worried that the motor and tranny would be unstable on the motorcycle jack, so I dragged the jack and subframe over to my brother Brian's house and we built a removeable fixture that attaches to the motorcycle jack and picks up the front torsion rods on the subframe to help steady it during installation.


For Christmas, I asked my wife Deborah for a set of Velocity Stacks for the S14 Motor and gave her explicit instructions and the link for ordering exactly what I wanted, (Grey, 75mm Velocity Stacks for 45mm, Mikuni, Solex, OER, Weberset of 4) from Thechnotoytuning.com.  Bless her heart, she didn't use the pulldown menu and ordered the first option, (Grey, 75mm Velocity Stacks for 40mm, Mikuni, Solex, OER, Weberset of 4).  So I had to send them back and have them ship me the 45mm version.  During the wait, I took the S14 to Weber adapter plates I bought from Lee at Massive Brakes and drilled and tapped them for 6mm studs.  I mocked up everything and temporarily installed it, looks sick, very "Son of Cobra".  I still need to drill and tap the #4 Velocity Stack for my 1/8 NPT IAT Sensor so MicroSquirt will have something to work with.


Finally, I decided that before I install the motor and while I have gobs of space in the engine bay, I should completely finish the engine wiring harness.  I finished the mating Deutsch connector on the engine side and grouped the wires in 3 bundles, (1-8, 9-16, 17-22).  These bundles will be wired to 3 terminal blocks (8, 8, and 6 respectively) on the firewall.  All of the direct connections from the engine to MicroSquirt will run through these terminal blocks.  When I am done with this task, the motor is going it!
















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12 hours ago, paulyg said:

Heads up, that sway bar looks upside down? It will probably hit on the front lip. 


Good catch, I'll flip it over.



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Beautiful stacks!!


I like the modified ATV jack to raise the subframe. I made a custom transmission jack out of a motorcycle jack and a heavy duty cart.


That wiring looks very neat like military spec.

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