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Scope Creep




The longer I take to finish this project, the greater the opportunity for scope creep.  While perusing the FAQ Classifieds, I saw a post from @Ian that he was selling his BluntTech Ultimate 5-Speed conversion kit.  Well, I already had purchased an IE 5-Speed conversion kit for my Getrag 245 OD Box, so obviously, I don't need that part, but the nagging voice in my head kept telling me, "The BluntTech kit was better".  When Ian adjusted his price, I jumped at the chance to get the "better" of the two choices.


I never liked the IE's approach to securing the back of the shift platform, (drilling a hole in the tunnel and using a bracket and rubber bushing to support the shift platform).  Although, the 320i uses this same approach, I didn't want to drill yet another hole and felt the support rod is  better approach.  So I bought the BluntTech kit from Ian and sold my IE kit on the FAQ.


The BluntTech kit arrived in the mail yesterday and today I decided to install it.  I was very impressed with the quality, however, there were a few things I need to adjust to get it installed on my Getrag 245.  First off, the Allen bolts that secure the mounting blocks to the transmission as massive and I needed to deburr the holes in the mounting blocks with a rat tail file to get them to slide in place.  After some thread locker, I installed them without issue.  The shift cup bushing has two tabs that are suppose to snap into 2 slots on the shift platform.  Even with the shift cup bushing fully seated, it was hard to tell if these tabs were fully engaged.  I think the shape of the 2 slots could be modified to get these tabs to snap into place when the cup is fully seated.  The Double Sear Selecting Rod DSSR tolerances are very tight when using the Z3/Z4 shifter.  One side of the DSSR seems slightly wider and I used the wider side to attach to the shifter and the smaller side on the shift rod joint.  With a little wrangling it all came together.  Seems to shift into all 5 gears and reverse on the bench.


I am confident that there is more scope creep in my future as I inch closer to completion on this build.





IMG_3454 (1).JPG




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