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Cool Oil Cooler Idea Theft




So, no matter which engine ends up in this car, I was going to use the oil filter housing from the S14 and convert it to 10AN fittings.  The stock S14 Oil Cooler is too long and large to mount anywhere it can get decent air flow, so I figured that something aftermarket was in the cards.  After watching a Jay Leno's Garage Video posted by @NYNick on a 1972 BMW 2002 Restomod, I was inspired by how @Shad (the Builder), fit an aftermarket Earl's Oil Cooler in this beautiful car.  I reached out to Shad and he provided some very useful information that I shamelessly copied.


I had some different constraints that changed a few things.  One, I didn't want to cut up my original sheet metal, drill a few holes, OK, but I am not handy with a Sawzall.  Two, I didn't need race track, high capacity oil cooling, just enough to increase capacity and keep it cool for my street build.  Three, complete this task with a reasonable budget.  Here's what I did.


I went on Summit and looked at the 19 row Earl's Oil cooler Shad used, wow that's a big one and not cheap.  I took a piece of card board, mocked up a number of these Earl's oil coolers and found one that pretty much covered the hole in the radiator support for the battery (now under the seat).  This was a 13 row, approximately 4" x 8.25", part number #213ERL.  So how to mount it?  Shad fabricated his brackets, I went to Home Depot.  I picked up a couple of "L" brackets in the lumber department, (The same ones I used on the bottom of the radiator).  I started with the bottom bracket, measured until the oil cooler was positioned in the middle of the hole in the radiator support and the upper mounting tab was tucked up against driver's side fender support.  I cut the mounting tab on the bottom bracket down, drilled out the 4 mounting holes for M6 bolts, drilled holes on the top of the frame rail at the very end and installed 6mm RivNuts to secure the bottom bracket.  Once I had the bottom bracket installed, I mounted the oil cooler and then measured for the upper bracket and the hole to secure the oil cooler to the driver's side fender support near the headlight.  Once everything was mocked up, I disassembled everything and prepped the brackets for a Satin Black paint job.  Because the driver's side fender support was curved, I used a 6mm nylon spacer to square up that mounting point and assembled all the connections to the oil cooler with rubber o-rings to isolate it from vibrations.


The Earl's Oil Coolers don't come with flare connections so you need to order 2, 10AN O-Ring to Flare Fittings.  I also ordered all the parts I needed to make the 10AN hoses and convert the S14 Oil Filter Housing to 10AN.  See Links...


I was pretty happy with the results, thank you Shad for sharing your build details.










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Nicely Done

Is going to be thermostatically controlled ?

I’m going to hang an oil cooler out front of the radiator and open the space you used for an inter cooler

Super clean work on you part

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14 hours ago, rstclark said:

Is going to be thermostatically controlled ?


Not for now, but in theory I could attach a small computer fan and trigger it off the electric fan for the radiator.  We'll see how the oil temp looks when it is back together.


Thanks for the kind words,



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Posted (edited)

looks like it is mounted on the drivers side?  that is the air intake side.  you have effectively blocked a cool air path to the intake.  it is also not really in direct airflow so is a pretty ineffective location for an oil cooler.  needs to be OUTSIDE the engine compt.


two better locations.

1/ passenger side behind the headlights.  a car i bought had one mounted there.




2/ best location...suspended from rad support in front of the radiator.  this is where i put mine in my S14 conversion.  details in my M2 madness build thread.




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