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As I found it...



I spotted it through a gate when driving by. I saw it had a flat tire, so figured I'd ask about it. Turned out it was a late production `74 tii with the original engine. The car was in a front end collision in 1992 where it dove under a larger vehicle. This resulted in damage to the hood and top of the front fenders and nose. The owner had planned to repair it himself, but other priorities kept getting in the way and unfortunately it never got done. Most of the last 30 years it spent in a garage, but unfortunately the last several it has been sitting outside uncovered.


Fortunately, it spent it's entire file in southern california and was never exposed to severe weather or salt, so the amount of rust on the body is fairly minimal. The worst parts are surface rust around the engine bay and at a few parts on the lower rear window. There are lots of other very small spots visible around the exterior, but they look pretty minor that should be easy to clean up. I know I will uncover more as I get into it, but so far nothing too alarming.






Underbody overall looks very good with the worst of it just being rotted out plastics/rubber parts and lots of dirt.




The interior overall looks very good, except for cracks in the dash and cracks in the top of the rear seatbacks due to being exposed to the sun for so long. The seats were all replaced at some point. They look like nice seats, but don't match the original color.






Next I'll start slowly pulling things apart and starting to assess what can/can't be saved and what parts I'm going to need to start to collect.

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