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The Deep End: Getting Ready for the Real Restoration




I took Phaedrus around the block today, presumably one last time before I dive into the real work ahead.  I want to get started pulling the engine and getting the front subframe off, but also realize that I need to step back and think through this big next step. It feels a bit like putting my baby into an induced coma, so I just want to feel it running and rolling one last time, for now.  It also feels like standing on a 10-meter diving board and working up the courage to step off, with your mind racing about the plunge.


First, I realize that the car won't be running or driving for maybe a year, so need to plan on having it on jack stands for awhile. I suppose after getting the engine out (so that I can detail the engine bay, remove and renovate the whole front subframe) the motor could go back in, so the car could be rollable and drivable again before tackling the rear subframe.   And of course, I need to be well organized and methodical about each phase of disassembly and renovation. 


I've checked out the great tutorials and technical articles on engine removal and dropping the front sub-frame so I feel fairly well prepared on the actual work.




Pulling the engine is mostly meant for convenience: making room for removing and reinstalling the front sub-frame, and making it easier to work on and detail the engine, which doesn't need a full rebuild, but may need checkups on the alternator, starter and other components. I expect I may want to adjust the valves, check the bottom end and replace seals before cleaning, painting and detailing the engine.  


So more than anything, this post is meant to help a novice like me step off the diving board. I'm going to drain the cooling system and pull the radiator to start in on making the engine ready to pull.


What advice, suggestions or tips can the assembled 02 veterans offer on pushing forward? Should I drop the engine and subframe together, or pull engine out first and then subframe?



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