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The Corvair Goodbye & Moto Mojo Rising




My adventure into this 2002 restoration traces back more than two years now. My wife's work colleague, Felipe, brought his 1965 Corvair Convertible over to store in our garage for the winter -- the ragtop seams were splitting and Felipe didn't have a garage to keep his brown beauty out of the elements.


Just weeks after the Corvair rolled into our lives, Felipe was gone, an early Covid casualty.  The 1971 2002 I've been reviving -- with a first start, first clean and most recently a first drive -- was Felipe's first car, bought new in 1971.


In parallel with the 2002 restoration, I'm working on a much more extensive story about Felipe, his other cars (including a '67 Fiat Dino, a '63 Avanti Studebaker, two late 80s Merkur XR4Ti and a '61 Austin-Healy Bugeye Sprite, to cite some of them) and my own restorative voyage through the pandemic.  But as a brief remembrance of Felipe (and celebration of the progress to date getting his 2002 back on the road) here's a little video capture of the Corvair's departure a few weeks ago.



The car has gone to an excellent new home, and the freed-up garage space will enable me to press on with rebuilding the 2002's front and rear subframes & suspension, give the engine (and the engine compartment) some attention and refreshing off the car, and push on towards renewing the interior and finally the body and paint.


Meanwhile, I've also been sharpening my shadetree skills on the side with two two-wheel projects, a 1985 Kawasaki 454 LTD and a 1978 Yamaha XS 750. Both have enabled me to hone some of my diagnostic, repair and vehicular wrenching skills in preparation for the 2002 work ahead.





For the bikes, I've learned how to adjust valves, rebuild brake master cylinders and carbs and a host of other tasks that have been great practice that have already transferred to work I've done on the 02. So too has the work I've done on the Chinese 150cc scooter -- seen here with the 454 -- that originally lead me down the Moto Mojo road.




By the way, the 454 in the foreground got it's name from the engine, which is exactly half the 908cc in the Ninja 900 motor made famous in the GPZ900-R that Tom Cruise rode in Top Gun.  Fun fact.





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I wonder what he would think of the scope creep of the 2002 project into these two-wheel directions.


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