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2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back




In my last blog post, I covered some of the work I did on getting the Pedal Box and brake system sorted.  Then I saw a FAQ post on firewall insulation and thought that I should probably install one while I have room in the engine bay.  Unfortunately, most of the Pedal Box work needs to be removed to get the firewall insulation pad under the brake booster bracket on the firewall.  While I waiting for parts, I was tempted into bolting on some shiny bits to make it look more like a car.


Beltline Trim

I went through my stash and managed to cobble together a complete set of beltline trim.  I had new trim pieces for the trunk and used pieces for the rest of the car.  I was originally planning on stripping the Anodizing and polishing the used pieces, but ended up ordering a new set from Wallothnesch and a beltline clip set so everything would match on my fresh Nevada paint.  I found a nice video on the process of installation from RS Garage and used most of their tips.  I ran into an issue with my clips, they would not install in the holes because my painter was too zealous with the paint gun and added too paint.  After some careful drilling and re-sealing, I was able to open up all the holes too their proper diameter to successfully install the clips.  There is a issue I discovered with the RS Garage video.  At the curve in the trunk and hood, you need the long metal clip to connect the center pieces to the curved side pieces.  The next hole on the curved side pieces also gets a short metal clip, (the video shows a plastic clip in this hole.  You can tell which one it is, because it has a smaller diameter than the rest of the holes.  After I figured this out, everything went smoothly and there is nothing better than hearing that trim snap on.


Rear Tail Lights

The original tail lights were faded and did nothing for the new paint, so I sprung for some Uro replicas.  I ordered the Red center ones because they looked more 1600/Euro and they were significantly cheaper than the amber centered ones.  So here's the rub... I couldn't see putting new lenses and seals on the tired tail light housings, so I began the anal retentive task of restoring the housings as well.  I stripped them down, sand blasted the housings, masked them off and shot the back with Hammer Textured Silver and the insides in Chrome.  New bulbs and new white plastic mounting nuts and back on the car.


New License Plate Lights, Emblems and Script

I bought these a while back so on they went.  Another very pleasing installation.  The MVP License Plate lights were good quality, but I modified them to use the proper hardware to bolt them on the car, (required drilling out the light assembly).  I wish they would use the proper single slot screws to secure the covers, instead of the philips.


LSD and Half Shafts

Next week I am finishing the setup of my MaxJax, so I should be ready to get these subframes in the car.  I anticipation of this, I need to get the Differential ready for its final home.  I drained out the old 90 Wt and added fresh Redline.  I installed the rebuilt Half Shafts with spacers and ordered all new hardware to secure the Differential to the subframe.  I didn't like the bolt length specs off of Realoem, so I just measured the original hardware and ordered new stuff.  I sand blasted the differential support bracket and gave it a nice coat of Krylon Satin Black.  Ready to go next week.


Left and Right Water Deflectors (Rain Gutter Trim)

I ordered a new set of Water Deflectors.  The driver's side was on in 5 minutes, the passenger side took me 2 hours.  Apparently, somebody at Wallothnesch decided to have a sword fight with the right side piece and it was twisted in the section that curves down to the "A" pillar.  I did finally get the piece untwisted enough to make the curve down the "A" pillar and hook at the bottom.  Some very slight stressing of the Anodized coating, but only I can see it.  E-Mails to Wallothnesch suggested I file a claim through UPS, but the packaging was unmolested.


Rocker Trim

Years ago, I ordered a set of Rocker Trim by mistake thinking I was ordering Water Deflectors, (they are on the same diagram on RealOEM).  I pulled down the box in the rafters, expecting those rocker pieces to be in there... Nope, one ugly driver side rocker trim with overspray from a car I parted 10 year ago.  Where were my new rocker trim pieces?  I think I sold them because I thought I wouldn't need them.  I even though I could clean up the ugly driver side rocker trim and order a passenger side.  Nope, I can find Drivers side pieces for $70-$80 new, but the passenger side piece is $150+.  I will probably try the MVP reproduction set, but they look very shiny compared to the OEM pieces.


I try to do something on the car everyday, but mostly I spend my time just ordering parts and cleaning parts I can't order, or can't afford.  I hope to get the subframes in the next couple of weeks, but we'll see.












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Nice work Mark. This is Jim…I purchased the Polaris 1975 2002 from you back in 2014. The one you did all that work to and had to sell because you found your cabriolet, I think it was. We are moving to North Carolina this summer and sadly, I am looking to sell the car. You know what a gem this car is, so, if you hear of a buyer, please let him know about this car. Thanks! I will also try to post a classified. Best to you…Jim Kline

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Thanks so much for this. I also needed to learn how to attach some of the beltline trim pieces that were one of my first part gets on my resto. Further proof how powerful the knowledge sharing economy is for all of us.  


I was also missing the passenger side rocker trim. I found one, but not sure how you tell the difference between the two sides. How do these attach to the car? 


I'm in the market for an emblem as well. Any advice on new vs original? I have both license plate covers and assemblies, and fresh bulbs, but so far no lights...all the other exterior lights are working. What's the best way to test the assemblies? Start with seeing if I have 12V at the wire going in?



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