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The Vulcan has landed.




Well I was finally able to go and pick up a welder.  A total faff, but that is my fault.  I still have to clear out a ton of crap "AKA Facebook Marketplace items"  but I am optimistic that I can put my foot to the pedal in the next week or so. 





Before I do anything else, I need to get the fenders cut and squared away.  I am hoping that I am able to teach myself how to Tig.  I have a couple of projects around the house, including welding a stout 3/8" thick stainless griddle, which should get me into the swing of things.  


A couple of good videos can be found below from "This Old Tony".  I think I will start there. 



And Aluminum 






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Great videos!  


OK I had to share...  I bought an ESAB welder and learned to Tig and Mig during the pandemic.  I had a blast.  Gonna break it out again here to weld in my seat belt anchor points. 


The welding equipment is so sophisticated these days~ just a lot of practice and bravery (I was soooo concerned not to warp the sheetmetal) I let the body shop do anything external).  Here I did do some stitch welding of a patch on the rear panel by the license plate lights - it was rusted out - got the metal from Colin - RIP.  


You can see the ESAB in the background.  


I had to look up FAFF.


A versatile British slang word, “to faff” means to waste time essentially doing nothing. Many of us are expert faffers.Oct 11, 2019


OK enough of that Faffing. 





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