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Engine plans



As I mentioned at the end of my last post, my immediate drive line plans are to ditch the m10. The ideal choice for me was an m20 because nothing beats a bmw i6. Backup choice, and all around easier swap, is the m42. Facebook marketplace made that decision a lot easier for me with a $400 m42+g240 about 15 miles away. 


The engine has about 200k on it so at the very least a minor refresh is in order. I decided to pull the head and oil pan to inspect everything. I'm glad I did. No catastrophic damage, but damage did exist and it was only a matter of time. 


The root cause of the damage is the half thrust bearing. It machined away roughly 3 of the crankshaft thrust surface. This of course let the crank walk about 3mm and led to some pretty significant scuffing on cylinder 3. I say scuffing and not scoring because you can't feel any damage by hand. 


So, with that discovery the engine got fully torn down, "new" crank from ebay, and they're all at the machine shop now for measurement and light rework. They'll also get a valve job and new seals. 


Meanwhile, I am being lazy and waiting for our MaxJax to get installed before I do a front suspension refresh. The m10 is relatively well tuned now but it sounds like I have a totally worn out ballpoint in drivers front. So, for now I keep to the neighborhood for my casual drives. 






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