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Wow you have a death wish...


crawling underneath any vehicle supported like you have that setup to remove the engine tranny, with a floor jack and 2x4?  Wth?  My neighbor was killed that way, when I was a kid, all we heard was an insane hysterical neighbor lady pounding on the door, and we ran over and he was crushed underneath a 65 Chrysler imperial...only thing holding up the car off the floor was his almost 400 pound body, all to change a muffler....


they put him six feet under the following Sunday at the cemetery next to our property...


don’t ever go under a vehicle supported like that...

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I was never under the car supported this way. I didn’t need to be. Everything was undone and the car was jacked upwards on either side while the ATV jack supported the subframe/engine/trans.  Then the atv jack lowered the whole unit at once. 

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I can’t imagine the stress and scar that left. 

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