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So, Covid and other things

Well, last I posted the world was a different place. What a difference one year makes!

Keeping this car related, there was a lot of drama at the body & paint shop. Since we weren't in a big hurry to get the work done it wasn't a big deal. But now that we're all moved into the new house and things have quieted down AND I've got another garage available to work in. I want the car back asap. Summer is coming!


The drama at the shop initially had us worried the work wouldn't get done. Then there was/is the Covid. And we lost our 15 yr old dog (good boy, RIP). And somewhere along the line I just got busier with work. About a month ago we and they finally got back on track and started back on the remaining body work.  Mainly the turbo body kit. 


Glad to say they're making good progress now that everything has settled down. Here is how it looks this week while test fitting the kit.



Had a quick conversation yesterday with them about how we wanted the front bits to be trimmed to fit. Today they should be making things permanent by cutting and welding the fenders.

This'll make room for the new wheels. 


I'm hemming and hawing about whether to smooth out the engine bay.....ah scope creep. 

Can't wait to get paint on this girl!


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May I ask what flares you've chosen?  I've bought the Ireland ones myself but they're wrapped up in the basement.

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Yup, I got them from Ireland Engineering a couple years ago. I don't know if I'll use the fender rubber trim that I bought with it.


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