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EGR Anger, Carb Adjustment, and Heater Valve Annoyance



Let me start with the brick wall I've hit. The EGR pipe adapter in the exhaust manifold is one stubborn S.O.B. It will not budge. I am down to 3 foreseearble options:

1) More heat, I need to let the torch cook it for longer. I always get antsy when torching.

2) Cut off the head of the fitting and hope it is seized on the face, not the threads. (If it is a tapered thread this would not be a good idea)

3) Remove the exhaust manifold and replace it.


Luckily it is not holding me back too much because I'm waiting on parts.


The other day I was cataloging and replacing the coolant hoses and came to the short little heaterbox-heatervalve hose. I loosened the clamps and cut the hose off without taking the time to think about what I'm doing. Sigh... have to pull the heaterbox I guess. Lucky I did because the heater valve is seized, the fan is seized and it is all around in need of refurbishing. This will save me from having to drain the coolant some other time. Parts are on the way, and in the mean time the heater will just wait in my "I'll work on it inside" bin.



I also dug through the parts that the PO provided and found a nice supply of carb jets and other parts. I purchased a rebuild seal kit as well. I set the carb back up to C.Diesels prescription. Somewhere along the lines I think someone got the carb adjusted to where it would run. I don't think it was well adjusted or jetted well because the throttle stop was all the way screwed in, and the high idle stop was likewise quite far in. I pulled both of the stop screws back out and set the idle mixture to 1.5 turns as well. Now just have to see if it will start and idle.



Remaining items on my list before I can be done with engine bay stage 1:

Intake - Vacuum Tubing and EGR Blockoff Plate (laser cut at work)

Exhaust - Plug EGR Pipe hole

Cooling - Reinstall fan/pulley and radiator, Rebuild Heater

Electrical - Install Battery and plug wires


I will also do a valve adjustment, compression test, set the timing, and adjust the idle.


Bonus*** My wife and I bought ourselves a house warming present for the garage. MaxJax just arrived today. Need to get it prepped and installed.



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I just did the heater box rehab. Fortunately a lot of moving parts were still moving and my blower motor works.   The rest of it was not fun.  I also took mine inside...it's cold in my garage this time of year. 

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